Our Company

Welcome to the The Partners Group website and thank you for visiting. Our firm has had a presence in Arkansas, Mississippi and Tennessee for over 150 years. While we appreciate our past, as it points to stability for our clients and advisors, we are more focused on our present. The present is relevant in that the core of this organization is a multi-disciplinary holistic financial planning firm, dedicated to delivering airtight planning and security for the families and businesses we represent.

What do we mean by “multidisciplinary holistic financial planning”? In short, many of us all began with other firms and as we developed philosophies about how planning should be done at the elite level, we’ve come together in this place to have the opportunity to provide that experience for our clients.

This means we desire to serve families who need financial planning, income protection for parents, education planning for children, retirement planning and help in planning the transfer of family assets to the next generations. We also have the desire to serve businesses who want to provide benefits and retirement plans for employees, protect businesses with buy/sell agreements and assist in retaining key employees. While we have the desire to provide all of those services, we believe one advisor would struggle to be an expert in all areas. We recognize we need a team of professionals with expertise in various disciplines of planning. That is the team we have built at The Partners Group.

We desire to be the firm for families and businesses where planning begins and is completed. We do just that with our start-to-finish process.

Of equal importance, we want you to know the desire to serve in this manner is born in our hearts. We recognize the importance of the work we do – the effects our work will have on generations to come. That responsibility is our passion, and we are bound by our commitment. Whether you are an advisor looking for the collaborative environment where you can serve your clients in this way or you are looking for customized, responsible planning for your family or your company, we would look forward to meeting you. If you would like to schedule an introductory meeting, please contact Claire Becker at (901) 746-6331 or cbecker@financialguide.com.

Now, please meet some of the team!